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We render legal services all over India.

about us

Pucho.in is legal services site managed and operated by Artis Legal. The services are rendered by team of our in-house lawyers thereby ensuring quality and cost effective professional legal services. We render legal assistance all over India.

Pucho.in provides you quick and easy access to professional legal services, anytime, anywhere. The services are provided by team of our in-house lawyers with extensive experience in services offered by us. Pucho.in is created with the aim of providing legal assistance required by an individual in day to day life. We are not a referral portal.

Our Objectives:

Indian laws are complex and many. Our education system does not create enough awareness amongst individuals regards the legal rights and laws of the land unless one does pursue legal education. Pucho.in endeavours to create legal awareness that would help individuals protect their interest in day to day life and also help them avoid violations due to lack of awareness as ignorance of law is not a defence to violations.

Further, lack of awareness and or negligence in protecting one’s interest from legal perspective in numerous day to day activities causes not only hardship to individuals but also leads to uncalled for litigation on already overburdened Indian judiciary. Pucho.in endeavours to provide legal assistance to its clients to help them secure their rights in proactive manner and to act in consistence with law to avoid uncalled for litigations.