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We render legal services all over India.


Q. What does pucho.in do?

We provide legal assistance to individuals, at a pre-agreed fixed fee.

Q. Who provides the services on pucho.in?

Services are provided by team of our in-house lawyers. We are not a referral portal for legal services.

Q. What are the nature of legal services provided by pucho.in?

Legal assistance that an individual requires in day to day life to assert one’s legal rights such as Ask A Lawyer, Issuance of Legal Notices, Court cases for divorce, cheque bounce, consumer matters, delay in possession by builder, recovery of money, insurance claims, road accidents, medical negligence and such other cases. Paralegal services such as company formation, partnership firm creation, sale deed registration, lease deed registration, trade mark registration, mutation of property, will registration, gift deed registration etc. We also assist in making Will and provide guidance regards execution of the same.

Q. What is the fee for services offered by pucho.in?

Ask A Lawyer through email Rs. 800/-, through telephonic consultation Rs. 1500/- up to 30 minutes, through Skype Rs. 1700/- up to 30 minutes.
Notice Rs. 5500/-, Will Rs. 5500/-. For all other services such as court cases, paralegal services etc. fee varies from case to case depending on complexity of the matter. However, a fixed fee is agreed after preliminary evaluation but before commencing work.
You may request for the scope of work for each service by writing to support@pucho.in.

Q. How do I avail the service Ask A Lawyer?

You can avail the same online. You can also schedule consultation through phone and skype at your convenience. The process starts with submitting your question on Ask A Lawyer page.

Q. How do I avail services such as notice, court cases, paralegal, will making etc.?

Simply call us on the number provided on the site or submit your details on the forms available on the site and we will get in touch with you.

Q. How do I make payment for the services availed from pucho.in?

You can make online payment through payumoney payment gateway integrated on our site. Alternately, you can seek our bank details by writing to support@pucho.in and make transfer using netbanking or other mechanisms.

Q. At what time are lawyer available online?

Lawyers are available during working hours. Number of lawyer available at any given point of time is reflected on the site. Our working hours are 10am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 1 pm on Saturdays, except on National Holidays.

Q. Can I consult a lawyer through live chat available on pucho.in?

No, we do not render legal support through live chat. Live chat is only for ancillary support such as any technical issues etc.