About Pucho

Our Mission : Eliminate Counterfeit

Eliminate Counterfeit by adding value to the Consumer and Brand Owner in the process. We are a multi-lingual horizontal Mobile Application offering innovative anti-counterfeit solution protecting interest of Consumers and Brand Owners.


The impact of counterfeit on the consumer, brand owner, the environment, economy, employment, health and the country are unimaginable. 30-40% of products sold in India annually are counterfeit. Counterfeit products are sold across brands and industries, few examples: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, nutrition, pesticides, insecticides, seeds, baby food, luxury goods, FMCG, books, steel pipes, auto parts, garments, footwear, auto lubricants. Knowingly or unknowingly every single person is a direct or indirect victim of counterfeit. Counterfeit in agricultural products not only impacts farm output affecting the farmer, soil, environment, food production capacity but lands on our table in the form of contaminated food causing long term health issues. Counterfeit COVID vaccines, medicines and medical equipment are already flooding the market.